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Best Motherboards by Top Manufacturers

Motherboards are the central part of the system, ensuring that all the system components such as GPU, Memory, and CPU are interconnected to perform efficiently. There are different motherboards specifically designed to deal with applications that help perform certain tasks. These laptops are manufactured by the top brands, including Acer, AMD, ASRock, ASUS, Cisco, EMC, Gigabyte Tech, HP, and many more!

Motherboards for enhanced Computing

Motherboards are a crucial part of the computer system, playing an essential role in enhancing performance. There are different types of motherboards that cater to varying levels of complexity. The performance of motherboards is influenced by several factors, including form factors such as SSI CEB, Micro ATX, EATX, BTX, and ATX. However, to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency, it is necessary to ensure that these motherboards are compatible with the system and its components.

Server Motherboards

Server motherboards ensure the communication among the system is interconnected through the server. The function of server motherboards is the same as desktop motherboards; however, server motherboards can withstand friction, heat, and a high density IT environment. Moreover, server motherboards are available in different form factors. Each form factor facilitates different motherboards. For instance, Mini ATX or Micro ATX are considered a better fit where the servers or workstations are concerned.

Similarly, these motherboards also contribute to extending the storage capacity. Therefore, the high functionality of the workstation or server causes the heat generation to increase drastically. To overcome this challenge, many form factors facilitate built-in cooling systems.

System Motherboards

System motherboards are the backbone that ensures that the components work together. The productivity of these motherboards depends on their compatibility with the memory, graphic cards, peripherals, ports, and processors. These motherboards can easily be upgraded. Moreover, these motherboards are efficient when catering to high-end or straightforward tasks such as modern gaming. Although, to maintain the efficiency and durability of these motherboards, installing cooling devices or fan connector adapters are used. However, every form factor deals with a different type of system; for instance, Mini iTX motherboards are considered a better fit for smaller PCs, whereas ATX motherboards are the advanced motherboards that are smaller in size, making it easier for the components to be replaced.

Moreover, the performance of these motherboards is influenced by several factors; for instance, most of the desktop/system motherboards consist of one CPU socket, one slot for the graphics card, and an I/O connector followed by a slot for Ethernet or LAN port.  

Find the best System and Server Motherboards

Are you looking for the correct motherboard for your system? Find the best server and system motherboards on at exclusive discounts offered by top brands, including Acer, AMD, ASRock, ASUS, Cisco, EMC, Gigabyte Tech, HP, and others. To provide you with the best fit for your system, these motherboards are available in several variations of form factors, chipsets, and CPU socket types.

Are you still unsure about choosing the right motherboard? Kindly contact our motherboard experts to help you in making the right choice.